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The Excellence of 2019 Lexus GS for You to Recognize

In the category of new sedan in the year of 2019, undeniably, 2019 Lexus GS is proper enough to be included in the category of considerable option. With a highly luxurious interior as well as some other major changes added by the automaker, of course the ride is ready to join the competition next year, while the release date of it is predicted to be around the year end of 2018. Moreover, being seen from outside, the car looks amazingly stylish too with dark blue as an option of color offered by the manufacturer. At the very front, new and stylish oversized front grille is added in order to add tougher look in the design.

2019 Lexus GS concept picture release date

2019 Lexus GS Redesign

If you ask about the base engine option that is used to adorn this 2019 Lexus GS under the hood, you need to know it is nothing else but a 5.0L V8 engine. The rate of power this engine can produce is known to be 460 for the horsepower and 389 for the pound-feet of torque. Unfortunately, a limited choice for transmission system is found. This is caused by the offering of 8-speed automatic transmission system only. Thankfully, this lack of option that can also be considered to be a lacking in this new car version is covered by the fact this time the handling is made even better. This will obviously create better driving experience for whoever tries riding the car. The last but not least detail about the car that has been known now is the safety features as well as entertainment technology that are significantly upgraded for this new car version.

2019 Lexus GS interior dashboard high technology

For the price that is about to be applied to this 2019 Lexus GS, well, there is no official announcement has been given by the automaker. However, it is predicted the staring price of this car will be about $70,000. This price range puts the new sedan in the same class with some competitors like BMW M5 that also only offer a choice of transmission system but it is the manual version. There is also Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG which amount of horsepower is quite similar. It is 577hp. Other competitor to be taken into consideration as well is Audi S6 in which nice luxury experience can be felt by buyers too. What do you think? Which one is really the best new and luxurious sedan? No matter which one your choice is, the competition will certainly be tough enough. 2019 Lexus GS is excellent in the way it has better performance as well as better handling. All of those will definitely give us better driving experience.

New The Excellence of 2019 Lexus GS for You to Recognize

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