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2019 Ford Ranger Specs Release Date

The first details on 2019 Ford Ranger have been shared officially by the auto maker. Even it can be said there are no major changes really applied to this new truck, it is still good to know some minor changes are really given by the manufacturer. This may also be the reason why the price offered to it when it is released, which is predicted to be around the beginning of 2019, is quite cheaper. The range of price applied to is between $20,000 and $40,000 only. Being seen from the good side, this makes more people able to purchase the truck, right?

2019 Ford Ranger new changes luxury cars exterior

Specifications of the New Ford Ranger

As shown in the concept car as well as the prototype, the space under the hood of 2019 Ford Ranger will be adorned with some different engine options based on the model chosen. For you to know there are at least two options offered for the engine. Those are 2.3L EcoBoost engine with 4-cyl and another choice is the same engine but the size is bigger, which is 2.7L. Both of those options will be combined with 6-speed automatic transmission system for better and more convenience driving experience. Unfortunately, it is not really know about how much power can be delivered by those engines. The sure thing is this truck is mentioned to have better fuel economy than before. Other than this, you need to know both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive option will be offered by the automaker too.

More Details Related to Style and Design

Other early details about 2019 Ford Ranger are related to the style and design applied to it. In both of those categories, there are quite a lot of changes can be found factually. As an example, the interior can still be said to be luxurious even if this is not as luxurious as the interior of F-150. This may be another reason why the price is cheaper for this truck. Leather upholstery will still be offered for the truck interior but the base model will only be adorned with cloth seats that are totally belongs to the conventional class. The touchscreen display owned by this car, which also functions as navigation system is a bit small, since it is only 4.2-inch. Even the previous details do not seem to be very good, you need to know the manufacturer really give a good polish to the car’s advanced safety features, in which rearview camera that is already completed with blind-spot monitor can possibly be included. 2019 Ford Ranger is mentioned to receive some minor changes only. One of the best things can be found in the changes are the advanced safety features that are much better than before.

New 2019 Ford Ranger Specs Release Date

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