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2018 Subaru STI Luxurious Features

2018 Subaru STI, which is factually known better as the WRX STI, is not only an awesome-looking car with fabulous details can be seen in the exterior design. This is factually a future car that is made, as a matter of fact, to fulfill the needs of world’s class drivers. In other words, it can be said this car, which range of price is predicted to be started at around $26,590s, is adorned with a lot of considerable details including also the ones about to be explained briefly here. Yes, below, you are going to find out the details of the car so if you are interested in getting a new car and you have made this car as one of your targets, you can be more convinced or even figure out that the car is not yours to choose. Let’s check out what is offered by this car.

2018 Subaru STI blue color pictures

2018 Subaru STI Changes

Before talking about really significant changes applied by the automaker in the purpose of making the performance better, let us talk first about the engine placed under the hood of 2018 Subaru STI as the main source of power. The standard engine that is chosen for STI is still the same, which is the turbocharged Subaru Boxer engine. This is the one has the ability to develop up to 305 hp as well as 290 pound-feet of torque. The fuel economy is known to be 27/20 cty/hwy mpg. Besides the fact that this engine is installed as standard in STI, it is also known to be a standard in STI Limited model.

2018 Subaru STI rear view design pictures

2018 Subaru STI Engine

Besides the new standard engine, the performance of this Subaru version is also supported with suspension system that is track-updated. The high-performance system is even featured with a lot of fascinating details to make it works even better, such as spring and damper rates that are revised, dampers that are inverted, L-arm that is made lower and made from aluminum alloy. This L-arm, for you to know, for you to know is also made complete with pillow ball mounts.

The last but not least considerable point in 2018 Subaru STI is located in the premium quality interior design. This interior is not only decorated really nicely with functional luxurious features, including the STARLINK in-Vehicle Tech that enables you to bring all entertainments available in your smartphone right to the dashboard of the car so these can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. The interior is also spacious and highly stylish.

2018 Subaru STI Interior

Comfortable feeling is definitely the one can be felt directly once you are in the car. The rear seat is also made in foldable design so the volume of cargo area can be increased up to 12 cubic feet, making it easier to carry a lot more stuff with the vehicle whenever wanted. In other words, in case you will use the car to load several things, you can carry it without any need to go back and forth. Well, it can be said that it should be a lot much more effective for you. If you are going to load some people there, with the bigness of the cabin, it will be so comfortable.

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New 2018 Subaru STI Luxurious Features

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