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2018 Land Rover Discovery Redesign

In status quo, the market will be more competitive with the upcoming of the new concept of the 2018 Land Rover Discovery. This new Land Rover Discovery will be design different form its predecessor, the previous version. Thus, there are many people including its competitors, fans and lover who want to know and see the changes and improvements existing in that car. Therefore, this article may provide you with the information of this new model of Land Rover Discovery related to its redesign, changes, specs and release date. The information can be seen in the following below.

2018 Land Rover Discovery red color fornt view

Redesigns and changes of the 2018 Land Rover Discovery

The first things to know will be the improvement or changes on the cars which help you to measure whether it is suitable for you or not. It will be very beneficial and useful information for those who want to purchase this car, the 2018 Land Rover Discovery. This car can be classified as the luxury SUV car. From the previous design, the improvements, redesigns and changes exist in the external and internal appearance. The car will be designed minimalist but luxurious for the interior. The best feature can be seen from the using of 8 inches touch screen entertainment system to sever the need of pleasure during the journey. The entertainment system can also be connected with the passengers’ smartphones. The exterior is better than the previous version of the car model by using the aluminum materials and components. The use of aluminum may support the car will weigh less light than before. It can also maintain the performance of the car and its speed you to discover more adventure with your beloved family. In addition, it can be predicted that it will come with moon roof which help the passenger or users to see the outdoor scenery easily. Moreover, the existence of this Land Rover Discovery is to serve the need of family purpose. Thus, it is available to be used for 7 passengers including the driver with 2 and 5 seating position.

Specs of the 2018 Land Rover Discovery

The 2018 Land Rover Discovery promises to give better performance to live up with the expectation of its lovers and fans. Thus, the use of great performance engines will ensure the promise to come true. This new version car will come with 2.0 L with four cylinders engine system. You may be able to discover the 9 speeds which are available in automatic transmission in that car. The engine has been measured can produce around 240 horse powers or more. This car supports the drivetrain system by applying the FWD (Four Wheels Drive) System. It is also equipped with the best safety ideal family car.

Release date of the 2018 Land Rover Discovery

This 2018 Land Rover Discovery is predicted to be sold in the US around the early or in the middle of the year of 2015. The price is around $38,920 or higher price depending on the additional features or accessories on demand.

New 2018 Land Rover Discovery Redesign

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