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2018 Ford GT500 New Concept

Jaw-dropping might be the very right words to say when we see 2018 Ford GT500 which was debuted for the very first time in the Detroit Auto Show 2015. Well, basically there are some major reasons about why this car is awesome. First of all, it is really made based on the concept mentioned by the automaker in the previous time, in which body panels as well as the constructions are all made from full carbon-fiber material that seems to give effect to the car’s weight in general. Other than this, the awesomeness is also located in the active aerodynamics design, which also brings the car to a greater speed. The most important of all, this car is factually more than just a supercar. In fact, it is more suitable to be called as a GT hypercar because of the fabulous 600 hp it can develop.

Luxury 2018 Ford GT500 Specs Front View

Where Does the Power Come from?

When knowing about the 600 horsepower of 2018 Ford GT500, you may directly wonder about where does this come from or about the type of engine which can develop such an amazing power. Factually, this new version of GT will not be decorated with the same supercharged V8 engine that is used in the current GT version. Instead, the type of engine used in this new ride is an EcoBoost V6 engine with 3.5L capacity. 600 hp is factually just estimation because, as the manufacturer had said, there is a quite big chance for this engine to be able to create power that is more than 600 ponies.

Other thing you need to know as well about the engine of this hypercar is the amount of torques it can develop. Factually, this has not been mentioned yet by the automaker. However, it seems this engine type share the quite same components with the engine used in F-150 Raptor version 2017. That is why it is very possible for the amount of torques to be similar too, which is around 500 pound feet of torque.

New GT500 Design

Talking about the design of this 2018 Ford GT500, it cannot be denied that it is something new. Thankfully, it is new in a good way in which more futuristic touches can be seen quite clearly. In this more stylish design, there are also some major features found to be more prominent than others. For example, at the back there is a pair of canon-size outlets for exhaust that are not located in both sides but in the center. Other than this, there is also a new digital gauge cluster that steals most attention from the car’s interior design. This cluster is even better because it is also completed with a new color touch screen display in the center.

Price and Release Date of the GT500

For you who are curious about the price that will be applied to this 2017 version of GT500, it is quite unfortunate that even the car had been shown previously in the Detroit Auto Show no number had been mentioned about its price. However, this hypercar is included in the same class with Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Huracan, and McLaren 650S. That is why there is a possibility for the price to be started at approximately $230,000s. As for the release date, the mentioned plan stated that this will be release around 2017.

New 2018 Ford GT500 New Concept

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