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2017 Toyota Sienna Minivan Redesigned

2017 Toyota Sienna minivan is already announced to be a redesigned vehicle that is about to be launched sometime in 2016. As a redesigned vehicle, it is so certain there are some major changes can be found in this Sienna, especially when it is compared to the current version, which is none other but the 2015 version. Even the more detailed information about the vehicle is not yet known we all can still make an early comparison between this new version and the current one and in the following are the redesigned details for you to know.

2017 Toyota Sienna redesign autoshow

A Bit about 2015 Sienna

Before talking about the new details in the 2017 version of Sienna, it is so much better for you to know a bit more about the current 2015 version. Why do you need to learn about the current version? Well, it is because you are going to learn about the baseline of the car series. Yes, there should be some similarities between the 2015 version and 2017 version. Therefore, you are going to have some kind of description and imagination in mind about the upcoming car. Thus, if you have interest about it, you can be more certain and convinced. So, what should you know about the 2015 version? In simple words, this minivan has some best points of consideration, which are especially related to the fact that it is a really comfortable passenger car. The first one is the availability of 8-passenger option making it very possible to carry a lot people at once. Other than this, the interior design of it is made to be highly comfortable with user-friendly controls included. Up to this point, don’t you think it should be satisfying enough for you to have such car?

New Details on Exterior and Interior Design

In general, it can be said that the automaker still pay attention to all great things can be found in the current version of Sienna and make sure that all of those will not be removed from the 2017 Toyota Sienna. However, you need to know that the quality of both exterior and interior design is improved for a better quality. For example, the exterior now has a more modern look in the purpose of making the car a more suitable option for nowadays people. In the inside, the car will still be made to be highly comfortable but more options of material and feature will certainly be offered, making it more possible to create better comfort. Of course, this will also bring the base price of it to be higher than $30,149, which is the base MSRP of the 2015 version.

2017 Toyota Sienna Powertrain

There is no official announcement mentioned about the powertrain of 2017 Toyota Sienna but it is clear that the powertrain gains new things. The type of engine use will be different from the 3.5L V6 engine used in the current version. The sure thing is that the automaker has announced the new engine will have better fuel economy. It means the fuel economy will be better than 18/25 mpg fuel economy of the 2015 Sienna.

New 2017 Toyota Sienna Minivan Redesigned

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