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2017 Toyota Prius Finally Revealed

The details regarding the release of 2017 Toyota Prius seems to have been revealed. It’s been confirmed that the first car will hit the market in the middle of 2016. But, that’s pretty much what we can learn from this car. There are surely rumors here and there but the information is quite little which surely makes us wonder about what this kind of going to be like, including the specifications, and the other things. But, this just in. The information about new Toyota Prius has been leaked on the internet and some of you may have already seen some of the photos. Let’s check out what’s the information is going to be (finally).

2017 Toyota Prius white color redesign

Some Changes to Consider

One of the most important changes you need is the fact that 2017 Toyota Prius appears in normal and plug-in hybrid iteration. Then, you can also learn what’s visible to your eyes. Yes, the design has also got some changes like what you can see from the front bumper which has more sculpted lines. That’s why the appearance of the car is a lot much interesting and chic. Some people also claim that they can see some sporty theme from the car as well. The similar theme can also be found from the front fenders, and also the hood. However, whenever you check out the headlights, somehow, you can see some resemblance of Nissan 370Z’s headlamps. Well, it’s quite a turn off which is quite shameful actually. But, for some people, it’s fine for the headlamps to be made that way because eventually, the whole package of the appearance can still look great which means that the headlights can blend well nicely with the other exterior parts of the car.

Further about the Design

Even further, the sculpted design to be included in the car is still carried on and you can see it from the roofline which has nice character for sure. Side mirrors and side skirts also have great design which can make the car even more stand out. And what’s even more important for you to pay attention to is the front grille. Combine the grille with the headlamps and the look is going to be more fabulous. When you check the rear part of the car, well, somehow, you can see something quite weird in relation to the design there but at the same time, you know that we’re actually talking about “positive” weirdness there.

2017 Toyota Prius right side release date

More Specifications

Let’s move to the car’s engine. 2017 Toyota Prius has included 1.8-liter DOHC VVT-i engine. Such engine has also involved four-banger which has been mated to an electric motor which means that the usage of the engine can be more flexible whether you want to deal with hybrid or normal one. And with such engine, as much as 105 horsepower can be produced if you are using normal method and for the electric method, you can enjoy 90 horse power. Remember that it refers to all-electric method without any involvement of the normal engine. Unfortunately, the information about the price is still unknown. However, by considering the release date of the car which is about the middle of next year, such information should not take a long time to be revealed as well.

New 2017 Toyota Prius Finally Revealed

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