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2017 Scion tC Redesign Price

For all auto makers, to keep the good trend is actually really hard. What is meant here is actually related to the fact that whenever an auto maker has been able to create great car, it will be hard to make sure the next version or series of the car can be as good or even better. That’s the burden that must be carried on by all auto makers. Yes, sometimes, they can nail it but it’s also common to see how the later versions of certain car offered are not as good as the predecessors. With the statement above to be considered, well, it seems 2017 Scion tC will keep the good name given to the previous version, which is none other but as the top seller among other Scion car series. This not something mentioned without any reason because factually, there are some prominent plus points known already about the new car. Certainly, without changing the main concept of this tC as a compact vehicle, these plus points can be said to be the different things we all can find in the new version. For you to know, the changes are located mostly in the inside of the car, to be more specific, those are located in the high-tech features.

2017 Scion tC front view red color pictures

2017 Scion tC Price Range

With the range of price that is possibly started at around $19,380s, which is also known to be the price applied to the 6-speed manual transmission engine option, the interior of 2017 Scion tC is now decorated with anew audio system, which is also a standard in all models offered. In a more specific explanation, the audio system is completed with larder touchscreen display with the size of 7 inches. Moreover, voice recognition feature is a standard too. Besides, buyers can also enjoy tons of internet radio options from new application included in the audio system. Other than all those, push-button start is another detail that is provided for the Smart Key feature of tC and this is certainly something adds better quality convenience for drivers. While in the design point of view, the interior is now adorned really nicely with silver door handles, new tray cover for the center console, and also shift know that is wrapped in leather.

2017 Scion tC autoshow pictures

2017 Scion tC Redesign

In the exterior, some new details are also added in the redesign of 2017 Scion tC. At the rear exterior part, new windshield wiper is also added. This is not only functional but fun as well. For other exterior parts, everything can be said to be quit the same but upgraded. Those include the headlights and backlights. No statement has been given about whether or not new exterior color theme will be offered for this new car. Although it is so, the future car will certainly look more elegant and sleeker than even. Hopefully, more details specifications will be announced soon, especially the ones related to the engine options that will be available in dealerships when the car is finally released. The release date seem to be sometime in the mid of 2017so hopefully more information will be given soon.

New 2017 Scion tC Redesign Price

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