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2017 Rolls Royce Phantom Redesign

What do you have in mind whenever you are asked about the most awesome cars ever produced by British auto maker? Well, it is sure that most of you will say that Rolls Royce is the best and there is barely any competition to it. Yes, it is not excessive to say that Rolls Royce has become the identity of the British people especially when it comes to luxurious and elegant cars. And yes, there’s great news regarding the new release of Rolls Royce. Until now, there are no words mentioned about when exactly the 2017 Rolls Royce Phantom will arrive in dealerships to purchase. Even if it is so, it does not mean there is no development known about the production of this future car now. The fact is there is and it is certainly a proof that the car is under-development to be released later. Especially for you who have a high level of interest in Phantom car series, here is the latest known information about it. It covers some major specifications of the car’s performance and some other details.

2017 Rolls Royce Phantom front view design pictures

2017 Rolls Royce Phantom Redesign

Until this time, the prestigious car maker has not mentioned anything about the type of engine used to support the performance of 2017 Rolls Royce Phantom. As far as we know, they only share information about how fast the elegant-looking car can run with that engine and it seems the result is taken from some tests has been done to the future car. The top speed of this 2017 car version is rated at 155 mph. On the other hand, the car is also known to have ability to accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph in about 5.7 seconds only. Other than this base engine choice, it seems the car will also be offered in hybrid model. Unfortunately, there is still no announcement about whether or not the car will also be offered in a pure electric model, a car model that is known to be considerable for other automakers, including Porsche and Audi.

2017 Rolls Royce Phantom Price

With the range of price around $475,000, this 2017 Rolls Royce Phantom will still be made with tons of luxury high end features in the inside. Riding it is like to ride a totally luxurious and strong cruise. However, those are not factually the most interesting thing you have to know since there is something more fascinating about the design concept of the future car. This time, the car is highly positive to be made with frame that is so similar to the one used in two BMW car versions, i3 and i8. There are more carbon-fiber and aluminum materials used in this frame. This will not only affect the performance of the car in general because of the lighter weight but this will also give something to the automaker, which is nothing else but lower cost of manufacturing. However, this does not mean the price will be lower than the current series of Phantom since better quality features will also be add in the 2017 version and definitely this needs cost.

New 2017 Rolls Royce Phantom Redesign

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