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2017 Renault Scenic

According to the latest news about 2017 Renault Scenic, this car is going to be based on the CMF platform. In other words, the weight of the vehicle will be reduced at least as much as 100 kg. This is totally a great improvement compared to the previous version because the less weight will definitely improve the performance of the car. Not to mention, this model will also have wider dimension and it is also going to be lower.

2017 Renault Scenic new design

Greater Appeal

By considering the appeal, you may find some resemblance of the new Megane. You can see from the fact that 2017 Renault Scenic is made in rather rounded shape. And the styling is also quite similar to the Megane. A really big windscreen will also be available there along with the A pillars. If you move to the interior of the car, you will find that basically there are two versions offered. The first is to use five seats and the second one is going to have seven seats. The later version will be called as Grand Scenic due to the bigger size of the car. You can also find a big screen which is made in 8.7-inch for your control panel. Great infotainment system will be installed and you can also find great digital instrument panel.

Information about the Engine

In case you are wondering about the engine to give the power to 2017 Renault Scenic, you can learn that it is going to use 1.6-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline and diesel options. The range of the power to be generated is about 130 to 200 horsepower. You can also choose between two possible transmission systems either 5- or 6-speed manuals. Such transmission systems are going to be combined with six-speed EDC dual clutch gearbox. There is also some rumor saying that this car is also going to have hybrid version even though it is still not confirmed by Renault.

New 2017 Renault Scenic

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