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2017 Pontiac GTO Rumors

As one of the most well-known muscular cars, the lineup of Pontiac GTO is always really interesting to talk about. That is why, when the news about the release of 2017 Pontiac GTO which is going to be done soon enough has spread, the excitement attacks the people all of a sudden. This car surely has great reputation and history. It was introduced in 1964 which means that this car really has a lot of things to say when it really is launched to the market soon enough because there should be a lot of improvements done here and there.

2017 Pontiac GTO redesign

Improvements of the Design

Judging from the design of the car, you need to know that it has split grille that definitely looks so awesome! This kind of grille is combined with fantastic hood which has been redesigned compared to the previous version. HID head lights are also improved to give better look. Of course, if something done to the headlights, the taillights should follow as well. You will also find a new set of awesome exhaust system. And the car’s base rim size is determined at 20 inch which is valued as the right size to stabilize the car.

Engine Variations, Release Date, and Price

About the engine of 2017 Pontiac GTO, 6.2 L V8 engine is chosen for its high performance. Therefore, 426 horsepower is ready to be transmitted to the car to boost up the performance. Another option of the engine will give you V6 cyndrical tube engine which should be able to give up to 320 horsepower. As for the transmission, 6-speed transmission which comes with 12lb enhancement will make the performance of the car even smoother. 2017 Pontiac GTO should hit the market in the early 2017 or late 2016. However, it is still quite uncertain. In case you’re interested to get it, for the base version, you should prepare $28,000 – $32,000 while the luxurious version may cost you as much as $50,000 – $60,000.

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New 2017 Pontiac GTO Rumors

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