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2017 Nissan Z Concept

In the category of cars that are worth waiting for in the year of 2015 to 2017, it cannot be denied that the next generation of Nissan Z, which is known to be the 2017 Nissan Z, is also a considerable option. The basic reason why this car is a good option to consider is because the new concept that is applied by the automaker shows this new car will get major changes in styling and design. However, it is also know that there is no sign whether the company will make this new car version to be lighter and more affordable, especially when it is compared to some major competitors like Subaru BRZ and also Scion FR-S. Even if it is so, the new styling and design can still make this future car to be considerable as a good option, especially among enthusiasts.

2017 Nissan Z blue color pictures

New Platform for Nissan Z

While there is no further information known until now about the details of the new styling of this next generation Nissan Z, there is an info about the a major change that is already shared by the manufacturer. The info is related to the new platform that is about to be used by this Z version. It is mentioned that the platform will use chassis that is the same with the one used in Infiniti Q50. As for the platform, the updated FM platform is the one that will be used. Unfortunately, as told previously, there is no confirmation given yet about whether or not this new car will be lighter compared to the previous version. However, weight-loss is something the automaker still tries to make true actually. Maybe more aluminum material will be deployed too for the 2017 version of Z.

2017 Nissan Z Powertrain

In the powertrain point of view, 2017 Nissan Z is mentioned V6 engine will still be the one that is installed under the hood of Z. Although it is so, an update has been added, which is none other but the use if direct injection technology. This will not only make the new Nissan car to be better than before in the fuel economy value. Instead, this will also make it gets the ability to create even better power that reaches the number of 350 horsepower. Other possibilities for you to know as well are the use of both 6-speed manual transmission system and 7-speed automatic transmission system as options for buyers to pick. With all these, this version of Nissan Z is proper enough to be placed in a competition with other cars in the same class and segment, such as Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and also Audi TT.

2017 Nissan Z Price and Release Date

It is still quite unknown about when this new 2017 Nissan Z will be released. Even so, it seems very possible for it to be available in the early of 2016 remembering the latest development of production it is undergoing right now. As for the price that is about to be applied by the automaker, the range will be around $35,000 for the starting price.

New 2017 Nissan Z Concept

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