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2017 Nissan Leaf Latest Information on the Development

After the existence of the current 2015 version of Nissan Leaf, you need to know that the next generation will be designed for the year of 2017 and that is why the version will also be called as the 2017 Nissan Leaf. As something to remind us all about Leaf, the current version is very popular because of some advantages, including spacious cabin that is also completed with excellent quietness, reliable ride, and base price that is affordable (about $30,500s only). All of these plus points are still available in the 2017 version of Leaf. Although it is so, some better points are added too by the automaker in order to make the future car an even better choice. For you who are curious about the development of the future Leaf, here is the brief information about the development.

2017 Nissan Leaf Latest auto show front view pictures

2017 Nissan Leaf Design

Being seen from the design, clearly there are some upgrades added to 2017 Nissan Leaf. The most obvious one may be located in the body that is slightly larger this time. Besides the fact that the car version will still be available in 5-dor option, the new concept that is applied to the body size can possibly make the interior design of this small car to be even more spacious than before.
Other than the most significant update given to the body size, you need to know as well that the design of this leaf is made better by the addition of some details. The example is located in a more rounded ends. Other than this, the interior is also made with brighter trim level options and design that is more futuristic but very stylish in look.

More Options of Battery Range

The next major development known right now from the production of 2017 Nissan Leaf is related to battery options. Right now, more battery options are especially provided by the automaker. This way, buyers can really have bigger possibility to find the right battery that is most suitable to their needs of daily ride. Of course, the more options will also affect the full range of distance the car can reach. The prediction is that the 2017 series will be able to reach fascinatingly 120 miles with the battery that is fully charged. It is even better because there will be more powerful battery pack offered with the ability to reach 150 miles range instead of just 120 miles.

While the detail information about the complete battery range has not been mentioned by the company, it is expected thy will also give options that are more energy-efficient. If this is really made true later, certainly, this new version of Nissan Leaf can join in the electric car competition even better. The last but not least thing you need to know related to the battery options is that there will be more third parties who cooperate with the automaker in order to provide the battery as the main source of power for this new car. It seems it will be easier for future buyers to get extra battery pack if really needed.

New 2017 Nissan Leaf Latest Information on the Development

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