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2017 Nissan Frontier Diesel Redesign

It cannot be denied that 2017 Nissan Frontier Diesel is a future truck that is waited by quite a lot of people right now and you may also be included in one of them. There are factually some reasons why it can be said so. The most major one might be related to the promise of the automaker to make the next generation of Frontier even better than it has ever been. Although it is so, other than the main concept that the 2017 version will be stronger and equipped with better features, there is not much information shared officially until now by the automaker because the car is really designed to be released in 2017. It can be said that the newest update known until now is related only to the engine as the main power course and the styling of the truck and those are the ones we are about to talk a bit further here.

2017 Nissan Frontier Diesel concept pictures

2017 Nissan Frontier Diesel

2017 Nissan Frontier Diesel is likely decorated with Cummins engine, just like the current version we all can see right now. The only reason why it can be said like that is because at this point of time Cummins is still known quite best when it comes to powerful diesel engine. For you to know, the current series of Frontier is adorned with 2.8L Cummins diesel engine with the ability to produce 300 horsepower and even better 350 pound-feet of torque. Clearly, something better will be given to the 2017 version but it is still not so clear whether the changes will be located in the capacity of the engine or in the amount of power the engine can result.

2017 Nissan Frontier Diesel Styling

In styling point of view of 2017 Nissan Frontier Diesel, the most obvious changes will be located in the addition of updated redesign infotainment system in the interior. Other than this, the seats will be made better, of course, with better choices of premium materials as well. For you to know, some new trim levels will be given as options too by the company. At the front cabin, the dashboard is upgraded to look even better than before.

In the exterior design, the shape and look of this Frontier might not be too different from the previous one. However, it is quite clear some changes are applied at the back. To be more specific, it is the bed that is more spacious than before. Other than that, the reduction of weight is also something done by the manufacturer by using more lightweight material like aluminum in the body of the car. Something like this will not only make the car to be lighter but will also make it run faster. That is why it is quite proper to say that speed and acceleration are the one will be affected directly with the new weight of the car even the detail number about the top speed as well as the timing needed for the car to reach a certain speed from 0 mph have not been mentioned by Nissan as the producer of the truck.

New 2017 Nissan Frontier Diesel Redesign

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