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2017 Mercedes CLS Change Specs

The name and high reputation of Mercedes has been carved in the heart of societies. This manufacture has been run its business for many years. The products of this manufacture always make a history. This manufacture also tries a new prototype which refers to the 2017 Mercedes CLS. Mercedes tries to make a four doors car which can live up to Mercedes name and reputation. As a consequence, this article provides a review of this latest Mercedes CLS. The information can be found in the following explanations.

2017 Mercedes CLS front view design pictures

The change of 2017 Mercedes CLS

This amazing car is an updated car which will be introduced in the year of 2017. This 2017 Mercedes CLS car is the third generation of Mercedes CLS after the second generation has been launched in the year of 2015. According to some reputable and trusted sources, there are some significant changes existed in this latest version of Mercedes CLS. Yet, some says that the design borrowed from the previous prototype. It makes people think that it is a cheating action but it works well. As same as the previous generation, this car is designed with four doors cope version and its curved roof is held out.

The roof is significant as the CLS class’s signature. Without this roof, the Mercedes CLS will appear fatter compared to the Mercedes E-class. There are some changes too in some parts in its exterior. Starting from its front part, this car is armed with a great feature of adaptive LED matrix lighting. Each of this car lighting is consisted of a chip with 24 light-emitting diodes. Then, let’s see the front grille. This front grille is redesigned into sportier compared to the previous version with a 3D one. Then, its taillights appear tougher and more interesting in its new design. Indeed, this new version of Mercedes CLS becomes so fantastic to lift your pride while you are riding this great car on the road. It can make others envy and drool.

The specs or engine of 2017 Mercedes CLS

As the current version of Mercedes CLS, the latest

2017 Mercedes CLS

has a similar function and specs. In fact, the 2015 Mercedes CLS comes with the nine speeds automatic transmission. This system is also installed in the latest version of the car. The Mercedes CLS of 2017 is predicted to be armed with a great engine version as same as the current Mercedes E-Class. Thus, it could be the straight 6 engine. In other words, this car can be equipped with the twin turbocharger 4.0 L V 8 engine. This engine is calculated which is able to produce around 600 horse powers. The amount of power can bring the high performance during the riding. Moreover, this car will be implemented with the modular system. This modular system or design allows this car to share its components and productions lines with other smaller 4 or 3 cylinder engine unit. This design is also being applied by BMW to its car products.

New 2017 Mercedes CLS Change Specs

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