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2017 Mazdaspeed 3 Specs Redesign

It cannot be denied that in the category of future cars that are worth waiting for, 2017 Mazdaspeed 3 is really the one. Well, factually this future car will be known better as the Mazdaspeed 3 since it is the name it goes by. Certainly, the better things about this future car are not only limited in the new name given to it. There are some other good things added by the automaker too so finally this future car also becomes a proper competitor to some other new car by other automakers, including Volkswagen GTI and Ford Focus ST. To make it clearer, here is further information about major big things can be found in this next generation of Mazda 3.

2017 Mazdaspeed 3 red color pictures

2017 Mazdaspeed 3 Much Better Powertrain

The most significant chances you will be able to find in this 2017 Mazdaspeed 3 are factually located more in the powertrain. Obviously, engine is something that the automaker will improve for this next generation of Mazda 3 in order to significantly make it different from the latest version of the same car series. In this case, the company finally uses a different engine technology, which is none other but the SKYACTIV technology. It seems this future vehicle will really be ready to enter the era of SKYACTIV, in which better performance and a more efficient use of fuel are the main considerations.

For the engine details, there are only some points that are known until now. The engine type used is nothing else but a 2.5L SKYACTIV-G engine. This is the one that has the ability to develop up to 184 horsepower. Unfortunately, there is no information mentioned by the company yet about the type of charger that will be combined with the use of the engine. However, there are two most possible types that may be used. Those are turbocharger and supercharger.

Will It Use New Platform?

This kind of question is factually the one that many of us are wondering about this new generation of Mazda 3. Thankfully, there are words have been spilled in relation to this. It is true that this new car version will be made by using a new platform created by the automaker. This new platform will make the car to have leaner architecture as a small car. The best thing of all, the new platform is also designed to become a better foundation for the new car to run better.

2017 Mazdaspeed 3 Price and Release Date

For you who are curious about the price that is about to be applied by Mazda to this 2017 Mazdaspeed 3, you need to know that the base price applied to the car will be below $30,000s. Well this is something the company really works on hard because they clearly want the car not too be too expensive for more target buyers to buy. For those who are interested in purchasing the car, this is scheduled to be available on sale around the mid of 2016. In the meantime, more information about the car will certainly be released clearer by the automaker.

New 2017 Mazdaspeed 3 Specs Redesign

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