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2017 Lexus TX Changes

If you are aware about the condition of the auto market at this recent time, you may find that the demand for modern SUV is quite high. Even more specific, people have more tendencies towards SUV with three row seats. Well, it seems like Lexus tries to accept the challenge and 2017 Lexus TX is offered as the most appropriate answer for such question. To be honest, the success of the previous version is still quite clear up to this recent time. However, there are so many people who think that the only flaw of the car is about how it’s only made in two rows of seats. But, does it mean that the seat rows are going to be the one covered by this new model?

2017 Lexus TX white color

2017 Lexus TX Changes

Well, the interesting thing about this new 2017 Lexus TX is surely about how it looks. Both the exterior and interior design is so fabulous and pretty. And there is a certain thing about this car, it is claimed that the new Lexus TX is going to be designed on a totally new platform. Indeed, this kind of announcement means that the exterior attributes will have total changes.

You can see how the grille looks even much slimmer now and the front fascia has several updates here and there. The grille also has more openings which are also designed that way to give more ventilation to the engine. As for the interior, like what has been mentioned before, there are going to be three rows seats and yes, it means that the car is going to be able to load more people. Not to mention, there are also so many various great features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

2017 Lexus TX Performance

When it comes to the performance and the engine, it is reported that this 2017 Lexus TX is going to have 3.5-liter VTEC V6 engine. From such engine, as much as 290 horsepower can be produced combined with 267 lb-ft of torque. The acceleration of this SUV is quite awesome because it can reach 60 mph from 0 in just less than 8 seconds. As for the top speed, this car can reach 135 mph.

New 2017 Lexus TX Changes

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