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2017 Hummer H1 with Stronger Military Look and Styling

When you see 2017 Hummer H1 for the first time, you may wonder why the look of this new car is so similar to the look of some military vehicles. Moreover, you may get confused about whether or not this new car will be offered as civilian vehicle. The reason behind the totally different new concept and look of this car is factually resulted from the fact it is sold by General Motor under a really special license that comes from AM General. This is none other but the name of a contractor which main field is military.

2017 Hummer H1 new concept

Designed to be released in 2017, obviously there are changes applied to 2017 Hummer H1. Right now, this Hummer factually comes with better off-road ability. This is resulted none other but from the new ground clearance which reaches the number of 16 inches. This gives the vehicle the ability to stand for about 22 inches tall right now. Besides, this change is also affecting the grade of the ride up to 60 percent. The most fascinating chance is nothing else but the ability for the hummer to go through of water up to 30 inches. For those who do love doing some adventure and off-roading, this new version of H1 can definitely be the most ideal choice to pick. Moreover, nowadays Hummer is always decorated with luxury in the inside even if the outside of it is made to look so tough.

The powertrain of 2017 Hummer H1 is decorated nicely with a really powerful engine. This is a 6.5L turbodiesel V8 engine. The number of power it can produce it known to be 220hp and fascinatingly 440 lb-ft of torque. Combined with 4-speed automatic transmission system, this engine can make the car run powerfully, especially when it is used in off-roading in any kind of terrain. The news is even more shocking because a package called as the Off-Road package is offered by the automaker. The specialty of this package is nothing else but the ability of the vehicle to climb. Something exceptional like this is supported as well with the use of four-wheel driving system with anti-lock brakes as well as traction control and shock absorber that are already made with hydraulic technology. This package is more powerful too because its engine can create up to 300hp and 520 lb-ft of torque. This way, the really amazing price applied to it is factually so very reasonable. Better quality added to 2017 Hummer H1 makes it an even better choice of vehicle that is perfect for off-roading.

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New 2017 Hummer H1 with Stronger Military Look and Styling

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