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2017 GMC Sierra 2500 Changes

Not so long ago, 2017 GMC Sierra 2500 was spotted undergoing a road test. From it, there is not much information can be obtained. The engine information is still unknown because this has not been shared by the automaker yet. The only information, even if this is also still rather premature information, known right now is about the design of the car. From the road test, it is quite clear that there will not be any major changes applied to the car’s design, especially in the exterior design.

Cool 2017 GMC Sierra 2500 Concept Photo

2017 GMC Sierra 2500 Changes in the Design

When this 2017 GMC Sierra 2500 is spotted in the road test, just like any other new cars that have not been released yet and are still in the production process, soma camouflage is applied to the exterior of this Sierra. Of course, the main function is to leave some changes added by the manufacturer a surprise for enthusiast. A thing that is quite unfortunate about this Sierra design is factually there are not many changes found in the design. This can be said so based on the coverings that are added only on the very front and back part of the vehicle. This indicates the possibilities of new headlightsand taillights to be added. In the front view, the grille is lightly camouflaged so it seems it will still be quite the same with the front grille of the current version of Sierra but the badge might be different.
Another thing that is quite surprising as well about the design of this new Sierra is that the shape is basically very similar to the shape of the previous version of Sierra. When there is not much we can expect from the design because only minor changes are applied, hopefully something new will be added by GMC to the interior design instead.

New Engine under the Hood

So, what about the engine that will be used under the hood of this new 2017 GMC Sierra 2500? Well, there is also not any information known officially from the maker of this car. Even so, prediction about the type of engine this car will usecan certainly be made. From any other engine types, it seems to be more possible for 6.2L V8 engine with 8-speed automatic transmission system to be installed under the hood of this Sierra. Other than this, there is still a possibility for this new ride to be decorated with diesel engine option too. This can possibly be a Duramax V8 turbo diesel engine that is not only powerful but also more efficient in fuel as well. If this diesel option is really given to the new version of Sierra, the power can be something fascinating and definitely considerable when it comes to the power amount. According to some rumors, this engine can effectively create up to 450 hp and totally fascinating 850 pound-feet of torque.While there are no words mentioned yet about all this by the representative of GMC, it seems we have to wait for a little bit more to know about what engine will factually be used this time.

New 2017 GMC Sierra 2500 Changes

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