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2017 Ferrari 488GTB

2017 Ferrari 488GTB is a car of the future will come up with a design sport car. The sport is car very enthusiasts to people now. Ferrari is one of the manufacturers that create a good sports car future. Many car lovers who are expecting the arrival of this is sports car. You will feel very pleasure when driving this future.

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2017 Ferrari 488GTB Specs

Highly sophisticated machines can be sure will come in a 488 gtb configurator of the future. This car will produce V-8 retired in favor of turbocharged unit. This follows a recent promise Ferrari that all future engines will be turbocharged or hybridization. Power and speed. This new machine is smaller than its predecessor and displacement of 488 cubic centimeters per cylinder gives the car its name: 488 GTB. Multiplied by eight, which works to 3902 cc for the new 90-degree V-8, mated with such as 458 V-8, a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. Despite a decline in 0.6-liter displacement, the new engine makes more power: 661 horsepower at 8000 rpm, compared to 597 horsepower at 9000 rpm for the 458 Speciale. Torque with predictably as well as bigger, too, reaching 561 lb-ft at 3000 rpm low, far beyond the 458 Speciale 398 lb-ft. It will be an excess of very remarkable machine. You must have felt very surprised to learn this car as having super abilities.

Not only sophisticated machines. This car will come with an attractive design that is also equipped with an aggressive design. Not only that this car will also come with a Daytona-style seats, conventional knobs and switches (no touchscreen here) and incomplete trunk columns. Multifunction steering wheel includes buttons even for lights, wipers and turn signals, in addition to damper settings, engine start and Ferrari manettino chassis-control switch. Seen through the steering wheel is large, central tachometer with digital gear indicator, and it is flanked by a display configured.

New seats and door panels are designed to create a more humane interior. A fresh is mimic key design shapes the engine intake of vents and allow the entry of passive and early. Optional carbon-fiber trim to cover different parts of interior (and exterior aero phillips); Also optional telemetry system as it was in LaFerrari and a 12-speaker, 1280-watt stereo. It will be a very interesting completeness future. You will feel the pleasure that is very good future. We can be sure it will be a great 2017 ferrari 488 spider that is exciting future. You will feel good pleasure.

New 2017 Ferrari 488GTB

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